Thursday, December 21, 2006

Reconnecting with "The Space"

I am sure you have heard about it. All the kids are talking about, at least my students are. Many adults (at least I know one - Angie) think it's the anti-christ. I think your exact quote is + = I must admit I am not a user of MySpace like that or my students. I am not really looking to make "new friends." But I am using it to reconnect with old ones. What? Yes, I am finding friends from college and high school on myspace.

Most recently, I have reconnected with my friend David Griner. David and I worked on "The Maneater" together in college. The Maneater is the college newspaper at the University of Missouri. The staff was fun crew, who had a lot of fun parties. I enjoyed David's company in college, we even crossed paths for a day in Paris on spring break. But like with many college friends we lost touch. I have often thought out finding these friends but never had much luck, until I checked out "the space." It's been a fun week catching up with him and other friends.

However, if you go looking for me on "the space" you will find that my profile is set to private. Why? Well I don't have much on it, in fact what you see in the picture above is about it, but for some reason students are fascinated with "the space," especially when teachers have it. So this helps me separate my adult life from my teacher life. I figure I let them know enough about me on this fabulous blog.

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