Wednesday, December 06, 2006

America's Next Top Model
Season Finale

We have been waiting weeks for this, every week, we have gone through the emotion and heartache and of course the ridiculous drama of this sinful pleasure that is ANTM. Tonight we are finally at the finale. It starts out with three girls left: the ever annoying Melrose, Crazy Caridee and Eugena. They do a photo shoot and commercial for Covergirl. Then they meet with the judges and the judges widdle it down to two. I am so nervous, because I am certain that they will choose Melrose to go on. I am not sure why, but she doesn't do it for me. I don't know if is her look, her voice or her extremely annoying nails on the chalkboard personality. Twiggy loves her, but uck, I can't stand her. And we all know how much the judges rely on my opinion. Well the judges picked Caridee (oh I am so excited and surprised, for some reason I thought Melrose would be picked first.) The second finalist is (right now I am crossing my fingers for Eugena.) Damn, they picked Melrose, I am not surprised. I didn't love Eugena but I wanted her to be in the finals. Now I will see if my girl crazy Caridee can bring it home. So after they choose the final two, they do a shoot for 17 magazine. Then Tyra had them meet with her "life coach." Dr. Michelle... It was really uninspiring. Then we get to see the final runway challenge. I must admit, that I kind of want to just fast forward to the end, the suspense is freaking killing me. Melrose has a breakdown when Caridee setps on her dress. Then Miss Jay breaks out the complete crazy to open the ghost bride segment. Then Melrose brings out her shinning chalk board personality. Caridee does ok, but I actually think Melrose "walks" better, I know it probably hurts to read it, it hurts for me to type it. And the judges noticed it too. And the winner is: Caridee. YEAH! I think she is my favorite so far. Woo whooo...

Oh I can't wait until next season, mainly because I need my Tyra fix. I remembered during judging why I enjoyed her so much: "you know i am predictable child, i always come with a hair weave, a bunch of make-up and a dress that is cinched at the waist." You have to love here.

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