Thursday, December 28, 2006

Well, Merry Christmas

Bruce and I are giving each other an unexpected gift this Christmas a new well. Yes we are country folk who get our water from our own well, but it turns out the well we had (60+ years-old), well, went dry. So we are getting a new one. As everyone says, "its the joys of home ownership.
" Here is a picture of the start. I will replace it with ones. ( I updated the photo, what you are looking at is them drilling and the muck that was once our lawn and 200 feet below it.)

Update at 4:19 pm: we hit water, or let me rephrase the Well Doctor whom is digging our well hit water. They had to drill 200 feet, but they hit water. Oh the joys. Mainly because if it was farther than 200 feet that would had been 10 dollars per foot extra to
this pricey adventure. At one point Bruce and I were wondering if they may even hit oil.

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