Sunday, December 31, 2006

Last Post of 2006

Wow this year has gone by fast and a lot has happened. Especially here at TiVo Changed My Life. Looking back at the posts, I see that I have changed a lot this year. Now most posts have some type of media to go with them, be it pictures from my cell phone, the internet or my digital camera. And I have even incorporated video into this blog which seems fitting. But hey, even though the first posts don't have media, I figure I had to start somewhere.

So if you don't feel like re-reading all the posts, here's a quick look back at some TiVo Changed My Life Blog events from this year:

During Spring Break in April, we were lucky enough to have Channel 4 come out and do a sweeps piece on our home in Berkley that just wasn't selling. As an home owner X 2 this was of great disappointment to us, because we figured that someone would love our home as much as I did in a month or so. So seeing that it has been nearly 8 months we were disheartened. However Local 4 came to our Rescue (with Ruth to the Rescue) and did a sell this house type of sweeps story with our house. Which meant that they came in and fixed the things buyers didn't like about our house. Mainly paint, trim, lack of furniture and then there was the hardwood floors, which they refinished. We felt so lucky. You can watch it again if you like.

In June, I finished my first year of teaching. It was a year of ups and downs. To be honest in the first couple months I was wondering what I had gotten myself into. But by the time June came I loved teaching. I was almost sad to have summer. Some of the highlights: my students making their own Open House music video to N'Sync while I was out at a conference. It was hilarious, especially the dance routine in it. Also the Skills USA state competition. It was good to spend time with my students outside the classroom. I was really proud of their professionalism and attitudes. Plus they were just fun to be around. The cherry on top was when two of my students took second place. I was like a proud mother.

Also in June, Bruce and I took a trip to Arkansas to become CIW certified Associate Web Site Designers. We went to Little Rock Arkansas for a week. We had a crazy start to the week, thanks to American Eagle Airlines, but somehow by the end we fell in love with Little Rock, Hot Springs and Arkansas in general. We visited my college friend Andy Davis, who is a newspaper writer in Little Rock. Check out the pictures of the beginning of the week.
Now here is the end. There are more in the middle just click on any date in between to enjoy.
(These posts are brought to you courtesy the Bruce 2 Go Blog.)

When we got home we quickly left again headed UP NORTH to Calumet. We stayed the week at the Shaft ( my grandfather's childhood home on Red Jacket Shaft.) Calumet is an old copper mining town. We had fun hanging out with family and extended family, along with exploring the history of the city. I am hoping we get a chance to go up there again next year. It was just a lot of fun. Plus we got a treat when we got home, Bruce got an afghan made with love by Uncle Bert. Uncle Bert was a copper miner, then when they closed the mines he worked for the road commission, however in retirement he has become a master knitter. And you know you are accepted into the family when Uncle Bert knits you an afghan.

Then we came back to quickly close on our Berkley house. Yes we sold the house in Berkley, thanks to Local 4. We closed on July 12th. I felt so blessed because frankly we weren't sure how we were going to handle two houses for much longer. Thank you Local 4, Lowes, Doug & Julianna Sauber, the home stager & our spunky realtor Teri Weems.

Also this summer, I enjoyed the most time off that I have ever had. It was fabulous! I spent most of my summer running. I have fallen in love with running again. I also scored my fastest 5K time as an adult, with of course help from the running Goddess HELEN!

Then I headed back to school in September. I am having a great year. I have the unique opportunity to have a very small class in the morning of 4 students. They are letting me develop a new class with these four. I love it plus, they are great kids. Here's a look at how they surprised me on my birthday. And of course the rest of the celebration.

Fall was spent enjoying family. My sister, niece and nephew made trips in October and November. I love ever minute I get with them. They are such characters. Click here is a couple of their unforgettable moments.

Then the holidays rapidly approached. I helped again at America's Thanksgiving Parade. It was fun freelance producing. However this year wasn't as fun as the past years. The weather was great, but I felt very guilty for leaving my husband at home as sick as a dog for Thanksgiving. There was also my embarrassing brush with celebrity at the parade.

Then of course Christmas came with a bang! As I am sure you have all recently read.

Also of course this blog has been filled with endless post about all my favorite TiVo shows. What I am watching now: well nothing much because it's all re-runs. But next year is coming and that means there's another year filled with TiVo and the many other exciting things that show up on this blog, that has gone from past time to almost obsession. See you again in 2007!

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