Monday, December 25, 2006

My House Hates me this Christmas

Ok, I must admit the Christmas spirit has been late coming for me this year. Mainly because my luck could be the worst ever. It all started last week when there was a crash late at night when Bruce got home from working at WDIV. We looked around to find that the shelves we put up in the office decided to take a tumble. Crashing to the ground with my pin collection and my Pewabic tiles. Yes my favorite tiles that had been given to me by friends. Well they were lying there in pieces on my desk. The only saving grace was that I had decided for some reason to surf the internet upstairs in bed because I wasn’t tired and Bruce wasn’t home yet, if I had not made that decision, the computer would have been sitting on the desk and the shelf would have tumbled down on it. However, all was not lost. I got a tube of Krazy Glue some tweezers and I went to work gluing the tiles back together. Frankly I don't think they look too bad. However, they aren't perfect. But as you can see from the picture the top after being fixed don't look half bad.

So then my week continues and some how through everything, I am still not totally embracing the Christmas spirit. However, watching Elf twice in one day did help. So Saturday night I decided a little baking was in order. I had promised my dad a pie for Christmas and I wanted to make more Peanut Butter Kiss cookies. Well we have a convection oven, which I hadn’t embraced until last week when we had the cookie baking marathon. But for cookies it bakes them more evenly when you have three baking sheets in the oven and they bake even faster. But when I got in the kitchen, I noticed that the floor seemed weird. However, I did my best to make myself think it was something in my head. Then the more I baked, the floor literally was warping in front of my eyes. At that time I didn’t relate it to the oven because we used it before, but I went downstairs to look for a leak, there was nothing. I had no idea what was happening. Did we have an Earthquake? Bruce and I have decided however due to much research that it must be the use of the convection oven heating the floor expanding it and pushing it together. (When we got home last night it appeared that the stress in that spot (which had gotten worse since this picture) was affecting the rest of the floor. So we pulled once of the planks to relieve the pressure. We were glad to find that there was no water. So our assumption was right.)

However did I mention while all this is happening we are also having weird issues with our well. Yes, we live out in the county which means we pump our own water, well we don’t literally go outside and pump it we have a pump in our basement. Well we replaced the well pump a month or two ago because it would run all of the time. But recently we have had issues where are ballast tank (that hold 20 gallons of reserve water) doesn’t fill up, it just runs out and our pump can’t keep up with general demand. So we have been turning on our faucets to find, well nothing. So then Bruce goes outside to get in the basement, because we put our beautiful Christmas Tree over the inside hatch to the basement. And he fiddles with the pump trying to adjust the pressure, then we pray once its fixed that it won’t stop again. It’s like every time we turn on the faucet and there is water we are amazed.

So if that wasn’t bad enough. Bruce and I are on his way to his families for Christmas Eve celebrations when we walk outside to my car that currently has a FLAT TIRE. At that point, I had hit my breaking point and lost it. I needed a good cry and I had one. Good thing it was nearly an hour drive to Marine City.
After the cry, I managed to have a great time at the families.. Please enjoy the video. Needless to say things can only get better. At least I hope so, because between having a well guy come out to look at our pump this week, getting a flooring person to come examine and rework our kitchen floor, on top of getting our tire fixed it’s going to be a busy week. And frankly I do not have enough Christmas Spirit for any more surprises.

So if you have made it to here with all my whining, which believe it or not is more of sarcasm and humor now. Yes, something happens today and I will just start laughing, at least I hope. Maybe it’s the special pills Bruce put in my stocking. (I kid, I kid.) I hope you are having a very, very Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays from the Holladay’s. Today I am embracing Christmas REGARDLESS... DO YOU HEAR ME.

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