Thursday, December 28, 2006

Good Things Can Happen

So I have been feeling very very very unlucky as of late, but there is some good news in my life.
G. Love and Special Sauce have added a Detroit stop to their tour. They will be performing in Detroit on February 17th at St. Andrew's Hall. I have already bought tickets. This show is not yet listed on his website or his "space" however TicketMaster did sell me three tickets (one for me, Olive & Angie,) so I believe it is legit. I am thrilled about this development, because I haven't seen a G Love show in 2006. He came earlier this year with Dave Matthews but he was just the opening act and I couldn't handle that scene. Too much money to pay for a ticket that would only get me lawn seats. No Thanks. When I go to see G. Love it must be G. Love exclusively.. ok he can have an opening act, but he must headline. I also prefer an indoor venue and to be as close as possible, on stage would be preferable, but as close to the front row as I can would be great. If you can't tell by now, I am a devoted G. Love and Special Sauce fan. I fell for them in college and well I haven't been able to kick the habit.

In other news, I wrote a while back about how JCrew changed their women's jean sizing without notice ruining my favorite pair of jeans. My sister and I were both upset about this, actually I was plenty hot about. I went there tonight to try to find a pair to fit me and I had the same problem with all of them, they are made for women without thighs because they are huge around my waist, but so tight at my thighs that I almost lost a foot because it cut off blood flow so quickly. So after that total bust, Bruce and I went to Banana Republic to see what they had. And it was one of those Hallelujuh moments. You know the kind with the heavenly glow and the angels singing, because it appears now that Banana Republic is making my old JCrew Jeans. Yes, I have found a new pair of favorite jeans. I put them on and nearly ran out of the dressing room to exclaim the good news. Similar to the Angel with the birth of Jesus. I am sure you are wondering how I can compare finding fabulous jeans to the birth of Christ, but if you are a woman you can understand. Perfect jeans just don't come along everyday.

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