Thursday, November 02, 2006

What is with all the Re-Runs?

So last week and earlier this week, I tune into all my favorite shows only to find out they are re-runs. I have an inner conversation with myself that goes something like this, "what's with all these re-runs, we are only at the end of October." Then days later, it's like a little bell goes off and I realize: NOVEMBER SWEEPS. I can't believe I could forget that November is a sweeps month. When I was a news producer it was all I could think about. I would be nauseated the two weeks before the book started. Then November would be filled with complete craziness and stress. Now that I am in the land of education, I forget out this craziness. I can feel all my friends who still live in the world of broadcast news rolling their eyes.

Right now I am getting my fix of Laguana Beach. The crazy kids are on Spring Break in Cabo. They are drinking like crazy fools, however, it feels like MTV is trying to portray them as sober. When they are clearly not. Now L.C.'s little sister, Breena is making out with Tessa's ex-boyfriend, Derek. Poor Tessa who's vacationing with her family in Virginia Beach.

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taawd said...

And there's one other thing too. The "It's not you, it's me" speech. I can't believe I actually heard that lame phrase.

Are you serious? It's a relationship and 1+1=2 not 0+1=2. If I ever have to use that line, I hope the girl slaps me across the face so fast she leaves a welt.

You find out fast life plays by a different set of rules. Okay, maybe it's always not "fast"