Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Happy 100!

This is the 100th post on the TiVo Changed my Life blog. I feel like there should be some type of celebration. So imagine me sitting in front of my TiVo celebrating, it is pretty intense. The cats are getting a little out of control. However, I managed to get them back under control.

I know what you are thinking, I could not handle her life, there is just too much going on. Yes, I often think the same thing.

This Monday, my friend Mindy came out from Chicago. Mindy (pictured above) works for CNBC in Chicago. Well I was lucky enough that they decided to send her to Detroit for a story, so she came up the night before to hang out in the metropolis of Attica. She got to see our house, go out to dinner and just hang out. She is another one of those friends where we just sit down and pick up where we left off. Plus did I mention she is freaking hilarious. I am always busting a gut when we are together. Bruce and I can't wait to visit her, her husband: Casey, their dog Max, and their cat Poopus de Gato.

Tonight I turned into a true adult. When I arrived at the gym there were a group of hoodlums who where swearing and carrying on, then in my most adult way said, "hey kids knock it off." Yes my youth is dwindling away.

As for ANTM, in the spirit of comedian Artie Lange from the Howard Stern show: WHAHHHHHHHH! Oh my word they were told to act out their emotions. Wow these are some angry/bipolar models. Caridee won the challenge and will guest staring on One Tree Hill. Then they are off to Spain. Of course Tyra show up in this crazy Spanish dancing outfit. (when I thought it was bad, I only had to wait until judging to see worse.) Then they find out that they are doing a "Secret" deoderant commercial but her is the kick, it's in Spanish Oh my God, it's so bad. They had to kiss a man at the end and of course Jaeda's tells her that he doesn't like black girls. So as usual she cried. I would have probably cried too.

When it came to judging, Caridee got fried, which she deserved, however I still like her the best. Jaeda cried at judging too, however the judges were a little nicer. Melrose got high praises from the judges. Who's out, I am going to say it's either Michelle or Jaeda, but maybe Caridee will be in the bottom as a punishment. During the wait for the judging everyone started yelling at Melrose for making them look bad at judging by saying she stayed up an extra two hours studying the lines. In the end the judges decided on Jaeda. I was so worried. I love her, and this competition needed her.

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