Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Get Angry: Ready, Set, ACTION

It's Wednesday and that means it's time for ANTM. Oh yes, an results of the election, more on that later. First, a quick recap of ANTM. Anchal is the high drama mama. She can't get over her insecurities and it's driving everyone nuts. The theme this week is action. First the girls meet with Gabby Reese for someone volleyball action. Of course Anchal was freaking out about wearing a bathing suit. Then they were off to the race track. The girls took their own photos of them getting mad at a NASCAR driver. They jumped at the driver with a remote in their hands and snapped their own photo. Michelle won the competition, however she didn't get a prize she got a chance to win a prize. She had to compete against her friends. Whoever won, won $10K worth of clothes. Well it was Melrose who won, they didn't show if she shared any of the clothes, but I am pretty certain she didn't.

At the photo shoot, they were literally in a wind tunnel. I couldn't imagine looking pretty in a wind tunnel. Caridee looked awesome. Plus she was hilarious when given the judges challenge to "hide dizzily." So who's off: my guess is Anchal, but only TiVo will tell. And I was right.

Speaking of right: I picked a WINNER. At least in the case of Governor. Jennifer is back for 4 more years! Yeah. I have to admit, I am happy with that, but not everything I voted for won. But hey that is democracy. As for the rest of the vote: Doves are Safe, No Affirmative Action and No to Guaranteed School Funding. It turns out nationally the rest of the nation is feeling similar to me, well at least the popular vote, so the Democrats now hold the Senate and the House of Representatives. With this news, our friend Donny Rumsfeld steps down, is it coincidence?

Yesterday when I was scouring the web for information. I read the article talking about how Michigan isn't a red or a blue state, it was really purple. That's because we are all over the place: we have a democrat for governor, our attorney general and secretary of state are republicans. I like that. I feel purple some times. Maybe we should make our state fruit the blueberry.

So as I am looking at the blog, I realize that this is k
ind of dry and somewhat boring with all the election talk. So when all else fails cute pictures of kids: so here are future voters and the devil a.k.a their mother. Aren't they cute.

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