Saturday, November 04, 2006

Burritos the Size of Your Head

When I lived in Kansas City, I would frequent the Chipotle. They are one of my favorite places, because well they have burrito's the size of your head. They are FAB. They are a chain restaurant, but they don't have them every where. So when I moved back to Michigan, I managed to crave the giant burrito. Now they have them here. So today, Bruce and I ventured down to Hall road in Uttica to eat at the Chipotle. It was the highlight of my day. Yes, we all know that I are lame.

After the ginormous burrito, Bruce had to head down to Local 4. I went to Target. And oh my word, toys are crazy now. I walked by what looked like a miniature horse. It was big enough for a child to ride. It is a
Fur Real Pony. If I was a kid I would have totally wanted that. It is $299 dollars. Since I always wanted a real horse. Yes, I thought I could be a horse owner. So much so, that I went to Horse Camp (it was actually girl scout camp, but it was all about horses back riding.) I tried to convince my parents we should keep a horse in the shed. As you can probably figure out by this entry, they never got me a horse. However, if I still had the urge. I would just buy one of these.

Now it's an exciting evening of laundry, cleaning and TiVo. I caught up on the MTV's "The Duel." The Queen of Mean in MTV's reality world Beth is back. I love these crazy competitions with Beth. She's mean and fun all at the same time. These duels for cash money bring out the worst in the realty stars, most of them are pretty fake about it. But Beth oh she's so well mean. And I enjoy it.

I also caught up on the Sixth Sense which is on after Grey's Anatomy. It's ok, but I am not sure where it is going. However, one of my new favorite shows is Heroes on NBC. Wow, it's intense. It is hard to write about because it's so intense and all over the place, but I will keep watching. Ok, I must fold clothes and go to bed and dream about my "fur real" pony. That name just makes me laugh: fur real.

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