Monday, November 20, 2006

The Perfect Pair of Jeans -
Then Jcrew Goes and Screws It All Up

So I was talking with my sister today and we both agree that JCrew has completely screwed us out of the perfect pair of jeans. We both felt that their size 8 was made just for us, not too tight not too loose. But then JCrew decided to fancy up their jeans with European sizing which has somehow completely ruined the jean, without warning, without letting me know, so I could quickly stock up.

In the day and age we live in there should be something done about this, or at least a warning. Like when Jcrew got the stupid idea to switch to the 28s instead of 8's that they could have at least mailed me a postcard or for God sakes even sent me an email, I get one from them every freaking 10 minutes, the latest about couture critters. (File that in the "who gives a s&#t folder of my inbox.) So many times when I go to the store they are always wanting to sign me up for their catalog which I always receive 14 copies of, instead they should say would you like to tell us your favorite item in the store. To which I would say, yes these are my favorite pair of jeans. Then they could send you coupons for the stuff you actually buy and then if they decide to make the dreadful decision to change to European sizes, I can run to the store and stock up. At least I won't have remorse or at least I can delay the dreaded search for another favorite pair of jeans.

So to all the Jcrew executives and other clothing execs that read my blog (to date: none) please take this into consideration when you are thinking of changing a good thing.

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