Monday, November 06, 2006

Desperate is Dynamite

Ok, I know that those of you who follow this blog religiously, know how I have been feeling about Desperate Housewives on Sunday night. Last weekend, I was over it. I couldn't believe where the show was heading. It was literally boring.

But ABC has brought me back with a BANG, literally. So this woman who's been terrorizing Bree in her new man Orson. This woman, who I can't remember her name, I will call her Claire, is convinced that Orson killed his las wife. Well it turns out Claire's husband was cheating on her with a flight attendant, Monique. Bree slips to Claire that her husband is a cheat, then the next thing you know this crazy Claire is shooting up the supermarket that her husband owns.
She takes hostages which include Lynette, Susan's daughter, Eddy's nephew, the mother of Tom's daughter - another crazy cupcake who has been terrorizing Lynette and Tom, Eddy and their new neighbor. The next thing you know, Crazy Claire has all of the customers in the back, Eddy is locked in the office with the husband of Crazy Claire. The next thing you know. There is more gun fire and the crazy woman that is terrorizing Lynette and Tom, is shot in the chest. I have to admit I was a little bit pleased that she won't be on the show anymore. I know, I know it's wrong. I can't help it, she was really really awful.

I can't wait until next week. I am revived again! Until next week at least. God Bless Sweeps. I am also hooked on Brothers & Sisters which is in Grey's Anatomy's old time slot. It's got the ever so skinny Calista Flockhart. Yes, I enjoyed it via TiVo tonight too.

Tomorrow, is election day here in Michigan, as the media like to call it Decision 2006. We are voting for Governor. Jennifer Granholm gets my vote. I am also voting Yes on Proposal 5, and No on 2. And I am voting NO on hunting morning doves. As my mom said, if it was hunting Canadian Geese, we would be for it, but since it's doves I am clearly against it. I am also voting Democratic for US Senate and Congress. It's my proverbial eff off to the president, who is not in my favor. Can we impeach him and re-elect Clinton? I am sure the president is crushed to know my true feelings. So we will see how this election goes. I am not usually a lucky vote for candidates, I hope this will be better year for, I need a winning election track record. So far it's pretty poor.

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