Saturday, February 16, 2008

Why drive 80 miles for an annual physical?

The answer is when your doctor is
Becky Patrias - you would drive as far as you have too! I get this question a lot from people who learn that I still drive to Chelsea, Michigan to go to the doctors. But clearly they have never had a doctor, like Dr. Patrias. She is the kind of doctor that everyone should have. The kind of doctor that cares not only about your health but about you.

I have been going to Dr. Patrias since I was in middle school - soon after I was a patient my mom became a patient and we both agree. Dr. Patrias makes us look forward to our annual physical. (I know what you are thinking - that's weird.) But when you think about it - it shouldn't be weird. The medical profession has become a hierarchal society - where the doctors rule over you and your health - and you feel powerless, when in the end it's YOUR health. However, when it comes to my health - Dr. Patrias and I are a team. I know that she is there to help guide me in my best interest. Whenever I have had any issues with my health - we work together to find the best solution for me.

When I arrive at my annual - her first question is always - how are you? And she means how are you - what have you been up to? And you sit and chat for a while - and she knows you - you just aren't another number. I can be honest about things that are going on with my body and not fear that she will look down on me or scold me (like the dentist does when they find out that I hate flossing.) So I am not afraid to tell you that I love my doctor and I will continue to drive to see her.


Anonymous said...

Since we are sharing stories about an annual . . . my doctor was most concerned about my crappy health insurance. Said "health insurance is bought by old men looking to get Viagra - not looking for birth control."

We had a condensed discussion about Sicko. He joked and said "If you want the best medical help in Canada - go on a cruise ship - 'cause that's where all of their doctors are."

I still don't get it. But it was the most entertaining pap of my life.


Anonymous said...

I mean x-rays...

JMH said...

Well, I am flying from Baltimore and then driving to Grand Rapids to see my doctor (that's not the only reason, but still) so 80 miles is nothing! A good doctor is a good doctor.