Friday, February 01, 2008

Chicago Here we Come!!!

Ok - so Chicago has gotten at least a foot of snow in the past day and that's exactly where Olive and I are headed this weekend! Why? Well for the G. Love & Special Sauce concert at the Rivera this weekend! Krista and Megan will be joining us this weekend. So here's hoping that we will have a successful drive and that once we get there - that G & the boys don't cancel the show.

I am very excited about this concert do to the fact that I was so far from the front of the Royal Oak Concert. I have a new super cute outfit from H & M, however, it will be covered by boots and my winter coat. The question was posed today that G. love's biggest fan, will I receive any perks? The answer is absolutely: No. But I will have tons of fun and throughly enjoy hanging out with Olive in Chicago.

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