Friday, February 01, 2008

Snow Day #2

Ok, so I must say that I love teaching and it's not all about making a difference with kids, because don't get me wrong that is great, but there is also a secret benefit that only mother nature can provide: the SNOW DAY.

This morning my phone rang at 5:40 am and it was my boss - saying, "Good morning, Jennie, there is no school today." I do my best to try not to sound too happy, because it is my boss on the phone, but hey who in the working world, regardless about how they feel about their job, doesn't want a free day off once and a while.

So my day so far has consisted of sleeping in, eating at Arby's, enjoying Tim Horton's coffee, a trip to Home Depot with Bruce, shoveling the driveway and watching Eli Stone on the internet, because I missed it last night and forgot to set my TiVo because I was busy finishing a paper on propaganda. I chose to write about President Bush and the "Axis of Evil." I am not how well I did, but I can say now that it is done.

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Beach Bum said...

We also enjoyed a snow day-all 4 of us were canceled which is highly irregular! It was a lazy, wear-your-PJ's-all-day-long event. Loved it!