Thursday, February 28, 2008

Quick TiVo Update

Project Runway is winding down. Next week is the finale - if you haven't kept up with it - I have them all saved on TiVo. My favorite this season is the spunky Christian. Last night they narrowed it down from four contestants to three. Yes this season they did something different instead of choosing the three finalist at the last runway show at Parson's they chose four, but Chris March & Remi had to come back with their final looks and duke it out for the last spot. Remi was the winner of that competition. After looking at their collections it was not really shocking, the most shocking part of the show was me trying to figure out what was going on with Jillian's head. Yes, here is a picture captured from Tivo for your enjoyment. Can anyone explain that hat to me? Anyone? Maybe I just don't understand style, but all throughout the season I thought Ricky's hats were ridiculous, but this one is over the top in my humble opinion. Jillian - why? Did your grandma knit that hat and you promised her that you would wear it on the show? Really?

In other news, I know this is alarming that it is the second week into the 10th season of America's Next Top Model and I have yet to write about it. Well I know and I will think of the proper way to punish myself. This season started off with more model school - but with a twist they are having a "homecoming" (yes if you saw it Tyra did this awful version of a homecoming queen with tears, mascara and all) but they are headed back to New York. So that will be interesting. I was a little bummed that they didn't pick the doe-eyed girl from Portage, Michigan, because you know you always like to have the Mitten State represented. But they did pick a couple of characters like the spaced out girl from Hawaii. Wow? There were already crazy tears and fighting and they haven't even started living together. So far the girl from the small town in Wisconsin appears to be somewhat of a snotty diva, but really people this is the first show so how can you tell. Yes, I am blogging tonight after working on homework instead of watching last night's episode. But trust me, my handy TiVo has it waiting for me when I have time this weekend. God Bless you TiVo.

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