Monday, February 18, 2008

Cleveland Rocks

So this Mid-Winter break Bruce and I packed up the Sebring and headed to Cleveland to visit our friend Todd. Todd has moved downtown to the West Flats of Cleveland (those of you from Ohio my know what that means.) He has a rockin' new apartment. We hung out for a while and then we headed out with his friends to a local Japanese Hibachi restaurant. Then we went to the "soft open" of a new establishment in his building. We had a good time. It was a quick trip arrive Saturday - leave Sunday, Bruce and I plan it this way, because we are certain that if we stay to long the mystery will wear off and you will be sick of us. Here are a couple pictures from our trip. The picture above is Todd in the big stump chair at the Hibachi Restaurant.

First recorded picture ever with Bruce smiling - now one could argue that he is about to say something, but I clearly believe that is a smile. And really how can you not smile at this picture of two grown men in a stump chair.
Bruce and I in the big stump chair.

Todd and I at the "soft open" of the new establishment in his building - I have no idea what this place is called.

According to Todd this is the old Cleveland power company - which is now a chop house/brewery. Currently Todd is very annoyed that the letter C is burnt out - I think it's funny.

View from Todd's apartment window - this is the viaduct and the Cleveland skyline.


taawd said...

I'm only upset that you beat me to posting some pictures and the only mistake you have in the information is that it's the West Bank of the Flats. Otherwise, right on. Also, you chose the worst pictures of me. :) I'm was glad to have played host to you two kids!

JH said...

I would first like to comment that they are my pictures so I should be able to post them first. :) I corrected the post to West. As for the pictures you look fabulous. I look forward to visiting Cleveland again preferably in the spring, summer or fall.

Beach Bum said...

Is Todd single? I have a good friend who moved to Cleveland not too long ago! They might just hit it off! She's awesome!

JH said...

Why yes he is!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I see how it goes. . . second row Wilco pit tickets - nada - "soft open" to an unknown establishment - yes. . .