Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Summer is Over

Yes today school's officially back in session. Today was the first day with students. Today was the official meet and greet. I set the rules and the tenor of the class for the rest of the year. (yeah right) They say as a teacher you shouldn't smile until Christmas break, but I of course break that rule because I can't help it, I am honestly glad to be back at work. I really enjoy teaching. This first week is pretty quiet, it's not until the feel comfortable that they try to put me through my paces. However I am seasoned now... yes at year three I am feeling even better than last year. However the big decision tonight: what to wear for tomorrow? I have already expired my super cute European dress/fabulous shoes from DSW. Whatever I wear it will be cool, tomorrow's high is 88, so despite the fact the school year has started, I guess summer really isn't over yet, at least according to our friend Mother Nature.


Megan said...

A whole blog and no mention of a wonderful phone call from someone such as myself?


wet cat carl said...

hey i just signed up for Skype.that thing is sweet.my screen name on there is wetcatcarl.