Sunday, September 09, 2007

A Birthday with the Fam

Over labor day Krista & the kids came in town for the weekend to help me pre-celebrate my birthday. We hung out at the Manchester for the weekend. Sophie and Max kept us all on our toes, they have so much energy. Max loved the swing, he was so funny he could have hung out there for hours, just swinging back and forth, back and forth. Plus I had amazing renditions of Happy Birthday. However, my family revolted in my choice of birthday cake, which is always white cake with white frostings. That is why I love weddings, the cake. However the rest of my family loves chocolate cake (with the exception of my Uncle Jimmy - who also loves white cake with white frosting.)

It was also really sweet. Max loves to go with Grandpa on walks with Nina the dog. However, Nina needs a longer walk than Max can handle, so Grandpa always has to carry Max back. So on Monday morning grandpa tried to sneak out. However, it didn't work, even though Grandpa thought it would work. In minutes Max was standing at the window with his shoes and pajama's pounding on the window yelling, "grandpa, you forgot me? grandpa I am still here, you forgot me." So of course I started video taping, because well we couldn't have this wonderful guilt trip without grandpa being part of it. Please enjoy.

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