Sunday, September 30, 2007

ANTM Takes a Stand

Ok, as I am sure you can all tell, I have been a little late in watching. But I finally got a chance to catch up today. And Tyra is taking a stand this season. It's the no smoking season! Yes, mabye she got this from the TiVo Changed My Life Blog. Yes during Cycle 8 I went on a little tirade about the amount of smoking on the show. Literally the entire time the girls were at the house all they did was smoke. This time Tyra put her foot down - she realizes that little girls are watching this show (and me) - so she declared this a no smoking season. Maybe Tyra reads the blog, maybe this blog is really making a difference -- in the world of ANTM. (ha ha)

The girls did a photograph that showed the girl looking sexy while smoking but then when they saw the reflection in the mirror showed the true effects of smoking. It was an interesting photo shoot.
So far what is the most interesting is that the girls are already having screaming matches at the photo shoot. Apparently one of the girls is a former exotic dancer and another girl has a problem with it. As for the rest of them, well this is a caddy bunch. They are already talking smack about anyone who isn't in the room especially Heather who has Aspberger's Syndrome.

This week Mila was kicked off -- she was sweet but forgettable.
I am hoping that next week is makeover week, because that is my favorite episode of the season - of the new non-smoking season.

Oh and I almost forgot - Benny Ninja returned to ANTM. He was just there for the first Old Navy Challenge when the girls had to show their personal style. However, I am not sure what the point of Benny's presence was -- but hey what can you say -- it was Benny Ninja. Which also explains why hits to this blog went up when people searched his name.

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