Sunday, September 16, 2007

One Year Older - One Minute Faster

Today was
Run Wild. I ran it last year with Helen and did my personal best since high school. This year Bruce joined Helen and I. I not only did I get my personal best since high school, I beat last year's time by one minute. Yes, apparently turning 29 makes you a faster runner. I ran 26:32 for a 5k. I was 14th in my age group. 201st overall. 63 overall for females. Here are the comparisons.

2006 - 2007

27:39 - 26:33


PLACE: 22 - 14

277 - 201

I was the last of our crew, but we must re member Helen is the running guru. (Remember, two time state cross country champ) and over this summer Bruce has surpassed me. I am very pleased with my time.

After the run we went to the zoo. It's one of the perks of doing this run, free admission to the zoo. And it turns out that going to the zoo before 10 am is the best time because all the animals are out and moving. However the general public is usually not able to get into the zoo before 10 am. Touring the zoo with Helen is fun too because you get the skinny on all the animals, like the CapiBaras that are in a time-out. They don't get along, so they have to put in pens with different animals that they can get a long with. We also got to see the keepers feeding the gorillas which is my favorite animal.

After a stroll around the zoo, Helen and I got our tattoos... Well our spray on tattoos. Last year we went collegiate, this year it's pro. Helen got a Lions tattoo, I went with Detroit Tigers, but of course we both got ours with glitter. I personalized my tat with pink. Our next big race, the Detroit Free Press Marathon as a relay. Yes the 7:11 club is reuniting. Hopefully I can have a repeat showing of today!

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