Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It's Premiere week ---

Well it's the big premiere week in the world of TV, at least that is what TV is telling me.. However, we all know that the big premiere week was last week with the most important and influential show on television: America's Next Top Model.

Speaking of it's time to dissect the episode. Because we know that's what this blog is all about. I am sure you are questioning, why it has taken so long for us to get here and well frankly please see the post below. It's hard to admit, but I just watched the premiere tonight (with Bruce.) But don't worry the TiVo was in full effect.

Let's first discuss my favorite, who unfortunately did not make it in the final 13... can it all be in a name and the answer is YES!!! Spontainouise - pronounced Spontaneous! Now Tyra I ask you, how can you let Spontainouise not even start the season... Think about all the possibilities in panel.

Ms. Jay: What do you call that walk?

Spontainouise: Spontaneous?

Tyra: What do you call that look?
Spontainouis: Spontaneous

Nigel: Spontainouse, I want to see your fiercest look.

Spontainouse: Should I just be spontaneous?

kay maybe there isn't a lot to do with it, but it could have been fun for a minute.

So let's see there is already the drama queen that people are dogging in panel: Ebony. Of course she made the final 13 because -- well Tyra knows -- you need that drama.
Here's who I can remember today: the girl who looks horse-like from Yale - super long face with mane, the super shy girl -- aka the hunch back of notre dame (if anyone can straighten this girl out Tyra can), the exotic bikini dancer and the Texan name Chantel. Of course you get to know the ones who don't make it the best in the first show: like the girl with the mohawk from Alaska or Jennifer the bartender from Massachusetts with a "wicked" accent. I look forward to next week, but all I am asking.... when do we get to see the makeovers, Tyra don't make me wait, let's bust in with them the first week. Cut the hair -- sew in the weaves -- dye the blond locks brown -- make the tears flow. I love it!

Also big episode this week: The Hills! Yes, we thought Jason was back in Lauren's life. However in this episode we learn that he has a girlfriend. Then he invites Lauren to meet her, where it is soon announced that he is engaged to her. Nice. I am betting on him ending up in rehab soon. Plus the new chicky... not hot at all. Also Spencer seems to be getting the cold feet when it comes to marrying Heidi -- who has taken on the role as a bride full force -- gowns, registering and everything else. Then at a lunch date it comes out: he hasn't told his parent's yet about their engagement... well all I have to say is get on it buddy -- because well you are on a reality show, there is a chance they could watch. This proves my theory that he is all about this pseudo fame that comes with being on The Hills. Shows that I still need to catch up on, so far Heroes -- plus what's up with Chuck on NBC.. I hear good things but I missed the premiere I will have to have wet cat fill me in. Well my intercultural communications is calling my name: Jennie, read me, read me.

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taawd said...

i wish i could be interested in any of the above mentioned shows. but america's next top model and the hills... not so much. as for the survey if you don't do it, the blog gods will curse you with low readership.