Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fall is in the Air

It's getting to be late September and that means two things to my stomach: fresh donuts and apple cider from the cider mill. Yes, I can't get enough. Today, my loving husband made the trek to the cider stand (yes, we don't go to the mill because really we could give a care about pictures, hay rides and the madness that is hundreds of families with children all under the age of 5) - we head to the stand where the cider is cheaper and the donuts are fresh (yes made daily with the donut robot.)

I finally got a chance to sit down with TiVo today: so far, I have watched Beauty & the Geek and The Hills. (I am saving ANTM for tomorrow, I have waited this long and it will help me break up my school work tomorrow.) Yes, I am having a somewhat lazy Saturday. I am not complaining (but I guess it may sound like it) with two full classes at school and then two college classes, I am a busy gal, which means I don't have much time for TiVo except on the weekends. I also haven't made much time for running this week either. I also would like to point out to my loyal readers who I am sure already know, this schedule has also cramped my blogging style, however, I will do my best to pick that up. Despite the fact that I am still in my pajamas and it is 2:40 pm, I am going to make running the next thing on my to-do list (after finishing this blog.) Then from there I am going to finally join the living as I head to Mary's 30th Birthday celebration.


Unknown said...

When are we going to Chicago, Mrs. Holladay??

wet cat carl said...

yay fall that means winter is almost here

taawd said...

tag, you're it... see my blog!