Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Cat Bag Returns
this time for me

Yes, it's that cat bag and that means it is either Olive or my birthday. This time we were celebrating my 29th birthday. Yes, I am in the last year of my 20's how did we officially celebrate: Thai Food & Fruity Drinks. It was fun hanging out with the girls & Bruce was even able to join us.

On Saturday (the real birthday and apparently it is also World Rabies Day, who knew,) it was
pretty low key. I woke up late (after waking up at 6 am in a panic thinking I forgot to set my alarm, only to have Bruce say, Jennie's it's Saturday, it's your birthday come back to bed.) Then we woke up and I got fabulous presents from my loving husband, which included a starbucks card, a super cute sweater from Jcrew (pictured to the right,) and gift certificate to the massage. Then we took a nap. Yes my birthday requires lots of rest. We went to the gym and ran. For dinner we had Don Pablo's nothing says happy birthday like Tex-Mex.

It was funny because my phone hadn't rang all day then I realized when we got in the car that I had left it in my car overnight. I had seven different birthday messages to listen to, including several renditions of Happy Birthday from my parents to my students.

Today is another birthday in my family. My Aunt Elena turns 50, all I have to say is I hope I look that good when I turn 50. Happy Birthday Aunt Elena!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. I heard Olive got smashed and sang George Michael karaoke, accompanied by the cat bag...