Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sell This House... why won't you Sell My House

So today I held another "open house" this is where you open your home that you are trying to sell to strangers, then you do this uncomfortable dance of wondering if they like your house enough to buy it. But you aren't sure if they even like the house and they aren't sure how to act around you. It's a very uncomfortable 10 - 15 minute meeting. It's like a first date of sorts, but I would argue it's more uncomfortable. So how does this relate to TiVo, I have been TiVoing 'Sell This House' on A&E for the past 6 months, watching it religiously, trying all the suggested tips and tricks. And still nothing. The most calls I get are from realtors trying to get me to list with them, where I say to them, if you have a buyer I will pay you, and they say, well I don't exactly have a buyer, but I can put you on the MLS. Oh yes the MLS that would list me with the 100+ other homes up for sale in Berkley, you are ingenious, oh realtor, your marketing plan is unbelievable, where did you come up with that. Oh wait was that sarcasm... the answer. yes yes it was. Ok, maybe I should be watching something else, like instead of Sell This House, any suggestions.

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Megan said...

I hope that you sell this house of yours and I have never seen that show, but there must be something better to watch on Tivo. Best Week Ever. Watch that.