Monday, April 24, 2006

Time Away from TiVO

I am in Las Vegas now for the National Association of Broadcasters convention, it is very much a male attraction. I am learning a lot however, but it's a good thing I have Bruce along because though I can "speak the geek" I sometimes need a translator.

On another note, this past weekend, I spent in Lansing with four of my students for the SkillsUSA contest. There were two teams of two: Cortney and Jolene, Megan and Karl. The all did an amazing job. They were such great kids to spend a weekend with, really I spent a weekend with many more but these were my responsibility the others, that's a different story. Well it's really not most of them were very well behaved, however I felt that the welders needed to learn a lot about respect, especially to women. But that's a story for another day, I guess.

Anyway back to my rockstars: we went out on Friday, and then woke up bright and early on Saturday (5:30 am) to compete. They shoot video for 2 hours and then they edit for 2 hours. By the end of the day they have a 1 minute pr video on SkillsUSA. This year for the first year in the existence of my program at TEC, we took home a medal. Karl & Megan placed second in state. I am like a proud mother, I can't help but beam. Bruce is taking credit for half since he technically taught Karl last year, but hey I will let him, I am just so proud.

So I am in Vegas until Friday, and then I work Friday and after work channel 4 films there last bit at our house and then the finished product will air in May and hopefully, we will be single homeowners. :) As for now, I can only hope that TiVo is working it's magic, making sure all my shows are there for me when I get back.

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