Wednesday, April 05, 2006

TiVo v. Ipod

Tonight I was at the gym running on the treadmill, ok jogging on the treadmill, although some might call the beginning a fast walk, however nonetheless, I was on the treadmill and I was listening to my Ipod. Since my computer recently crashed I have not updated my Ipod in the fear that I would lose all my current playlists and have to start from zero, like I am restarting the rest of my computer life because I failed to listen when I was told to back up my files. But whatever, I am slowly getting over the pain and putting my life back together. Back to the Ipod, I was thinking what would I do if I lost all my playlists, would I remember my perfect gym playlist, that starts off with Gold Digger than goes country, 80's rock and some 90's classics. Or recover the perfect order for my all G. Love playlist. I am a playlist girl all the way, the shuffle doesn't work for me, I need order in my life. So as I was running, I was wondering, could I sit there and lists all the songs on my Ipod, like the shows on my TiVo, the answer, absolutely NOT. So does that mean that my Ipod is less important than TiVo. And I would have to answer, probably on the whole yes, but not always, like for instance TiVo is no good to me at the gym, however when I come home from the gym, ANTM is ready for me to watch. So I will go to bed and think some more about my ipod dilemma, I am not sure if I have the patience to write out all my favorite playlists so they can be recreated. Maybe I will come up with a new favorite Gym playlist.

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taawd said...

I think there's probably a piece of software out there someone if you do a google search that may help you save your playlists. I don't have an iPod myself because I have an mp3 player on my cell phone. But alas, it can not play video. Does your iPod have the capability to play video? I'm going to have a blog coming up that'll deal with my renaissance. It includes blogging more and commenting on more people's blogs, just like your Mrs. Holloway. Have a great night today and a nice day tomorrow!