Saturday, April 15, 2006

Local 4 News is going to help Sell My House

So a new chapter to my two house saga... My struggle to sell my house in Berkley is hitting the television airwaves. I have been selected or my house rather, has been selected to be featured on Channel 4 News for May sweeps. I will post when it will air as soon as I know. They are doing a story and they are working with Lowes, a realtor, a professional stager/designer and a contractor to show viewers little things they can do to sell a house.

So we will be landscaping, painting and some other construction work. It is crazy. I am excited, but a little nervous. On Friday we meet for four hours at my Berkley House, and they picked it apart. Then today we spent 3 hours at Lowes. This week, there will be construction and therewill be rental furniture in our house (which was picked out by a designer, I am not sure about this furniture, because there would be no way I would ever put that in my house, but they are the alleged experts: so far this stagger is no Roger Hazard (from sell this house.)) I have been doing my best not to be offended or take what they say personally, but its hard not to, especially when you have never seen their work. And they let you know how much they hate the colors you have picked out for your house. Did you know that "blue" doesn't sell? I didn't, hence my blue kitchen.

Monday, Bruce, my dad and I will be landscaping, then this week, I will be painting. I will keep you updated and let you know when to set your tivo's to catch my house's television debut.

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JH said...

I agree, I was so busy with the channel four thing, I didnt get to post my weekly comment on ANTM. But you have to admit that she looks better, and despite the fact that she was pretty before, I always saw the snaggle tooth.