Sunday, April 30, 2006

Back to Work & of course TiVo

We are back from Vegas, it was a lot of fun. I was sometimes overwhelmed at NAB, but I learned a lot. Now I am back in the thick of it. I can't believe I have less than one month of teaching left this year. It's crazy, to think it's almost summer.

This weekend, we had our first open house since the "makeover." We only had four groups of peopole through, but one seemed very interested. But what do I know. I meet with three realtors, which makes me realize I must be allegeric to them, because many of them give me a rash. The first smelled so much like smoke, that I think by sitting next to him, that I am one step closer to lung cancer. The next group I actually liked and am thinking about hiring. This realtor is married to an Armenian, looks very much like my mom and actually has a great marketing plan. Then the last, not only was this man nearly an hour late, but gave me a bad feeling within minutes of our introduction. He managed to tell me that he wanted to sell my house at a price where I would loose money and that the bedrooms are small. Well genius the bedroom are small tell me something I don't already know, since I did live in them, but it didn't bother me any. I wish I would have kicked him out. How are you (this realtor) going to sell my house if you can't even reason with me why someone should by it? I figured out that what he likes to do is get as many listings as cheap as possible and then they turn over and he makes money. I am not a fan. Nor will I hire him. Ha see I showed him. He was trully an ass.

Also this weekend, I found my cross country notebook, I now feel that maybe I can run fast. So saturday night while bruce was at wdiv, I went running, the only thing is I am not fast. And my dog does not cooperate, daisy is sitting trying to smell everything, it's not the thing a world class runner has to deal with. So that's what is holding me up, obviously.

I also caught up on my TiVo veiwing for the past week, while doing loads of laundry and organizing my closet. We moved the winter stuff to storage and then I rearranged Bruce's cloths of course they are all in color order. Well it's off to bed to start the another week as a teacher, anal rententive organizer, real estate expert and of course world class runner.


Justin said...

hey Ms. Holladay. where you been? haven't gotten many comments from you lately. got a few new ones you should like.

JH said...

I was surprised but glad at antm last week. Nenna was good at first but she got on my nerves seriously. Currently I am in favor of Joanie & Danelle, I am off to watch this weeks episode on tivo.