Sunday, April 02, 2006

a TiVO Break...

The great thing about TiVo is I can take a break from it, but it never breaks from me. This weekend, I was super busy, it's hard when you are as sophisticated and popular as me to keep up (as you can see by the blog the previous statement is sarcasm.)

But I did have a really busy weekend. On Saturday, Bruce and I volunteered for the Spring Pledge Drive for Michigan Radio the NPR station out of the University of Michigan. We trekked down to A2 (those not familiar that stands for Ann Arbor.) We answered phones with a host of other volunteers, it was fun. I did take the time to share with some of the other volunteers my true love for TiVo, many I believe think I may be certifiable.

Then we went to Grizzly Peak for dinner with my folks. It was followed by dessert of ice cream at the Washtenaw Diary. We headed back to the great north to our house guests: Cheryl & Nichole. Nichole is 11 and she was competing in the United States Girls Wrestling Association National Championships in Lake Orion. Which she finished 1st in her weight class. Let me digress for a moment, this tournament was so cool, I am not a wrestler, but it was truly amazing there were girls from all over the country, including Hawaii that came to Michigan to compete. If Tyra Banks saw these girls she would definitely call them "fierce." (sorry I must always try to tie in ANTM.) Anyways check out their website:

Then Sunday, today, I woke up early well it was 7:30 a.m. but with Daylight saving time it felt like 2 a.m., I know it's only an hour but tell me how one hour can feel like a ton of bricks. I need my beauty sleep. I went and watched Nichole kick butt in wrestling, I couldn't watch the championship match because I had to head down to our summer home, in Berkley, its for sale if you are interested in buying it email me.

And for those of you who don't know it's not really our "summer" home it's our previous home that just hasn't sold yet. I held an open house today, I had four real groups through and two realtors. I don't hate realtors, but I would like them to either bring me a buyer or leave me alone. I am willing to pay them for their work, but the idea that I just let them put a sign in my yard stick me up on a list serve and give them 3%, on top of the 3% I am giving to the realtor that actually brought a buyer to my house. I hate to say anyone was promising because so far, six months and nothing. Oh real estate in Michigan, its super fun, however, I would not suggest investing at this moment.

But back to the focus of my blog, despite the fact that I wasn't here with TiVo, it kept thinking about me and all my shows. It just recorded away, so now this week, I have all my shows to look forward to. Thank you TiVo.

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Justin said...

I have a love/hate relationship with every administration. I can bitch about anyone and find the good in few... My problem is with authority and that's really about it. I just tell it how I see it, haha. What posts made you think I wouldn't like Bush? You obviously haven't seen some of the ones where I go off on a tangent about war and whatnot. Also, how did you like the Tom Cruise one?