Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wow Realty... I am loving...

Realty TV that is. This week, I have really enjoyed my mind candy television i.e. America's Next Top Model & Nashville Star.

First Nashville Star: This week they announced the winner, Chris Jones. The young 20 year-old from Tennessee, not only sang well, but he is also a cutie.. Yes I said cute, he is only 7 years younger: which is young but not illegal. I know this probably downgrades me, but it also revives my love for the country music genre. I like all music, but I am a closet country fan. Yes, fan, freak, say what you want but I am not ashamed. I am so geeked about this show that I would even go to the concert, yes that sound is you losing all respect for me. This is me getting over it.

Next, more importantly ANTM. Last week, Nenna was voted off. At first I was a Nenna fan, but man did she get annoying. Yes very very annoying. Enough with the boyfriend and the phone calls, for the love of God.

This week, Jade was her typical arrogant self. It seems that dost protest too much: I am humble, I am not arrogant, I am peaceful and I am a threat. Get over yourself. You are not that hot. I think my cat might out model her, if there were a model off.
Ziggy is one fierce cat!

This week, Furonda was voted off. She was entertaining, I enjoyed her very much. They are not going to send Jade home because she is great entertainment. My favorites are Danelle, who despite going to the hospital, had a fierce photo shoot and Joanie, who looks fabulous, with her new teeth.

What will next week bring, who knows but I am excited. It's hard with the weather being so nice, but I always manage to make time for TiVo, however I do find myself staying up too late: on a regular basis.

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