Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving turned
Tattoo Extravaganza

So this Thanksgiving started out like any other Thanksgiving. Bruce and I woke up this morning - very, very, very early for the America's Thanksgiving Parade. It was my sixth year of working the parade. And it doesn't make waking up for it any easier. But it's always a fun time.

Then we hurry home to take the world's quickest nap before heading off to my family's Thanksgiving. This year we spent Thanksgiving in Flushing. We were the last to arrive - because waking up from the world's shortest nap was well difficult.

We ate our weight in turkey - then it was the usual banter with the cousins - until Krista broke out her goodies from Target. This included two packs of 500 temporary tattoos. Yes people, that is 1000 temporary tattoos. So I opened a tattoo parlor, now granted my first customers were all under then age of 8. And I am sure you have hear the tattoos are addicting and that proved to be true at this outing. (I will have to get the pictures from Krista.) It started with Max getting a ying yang in the middle of his forehead. Which meant that Sophie and Olivia needed their butterflies in the middle of their forehead too. Then well the fun just kept going. By the end of the night - Olivia had over 15 tattoos, followed closely by Max and Sophie - and everyone there (including my dad) had at least one Tattoo. Oh yes, the holidays are never dull in my family. I have included a picture of what's left of my temporary tattoos. Yes, don't I look fierce with my rooster tattoo. Don't worry there is another one on my other wrist.


Fred said...

Someday I'll show my non-temporary tattoos to the universe. Yours, however, looks great!

Anonymous said...

These things last a long time. My are still hanging on after TWO showers!!!! Way to go Attica Ink!

JH said...

Water won't work, you need rubbing alcohol.