Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Metamorphoses of my Office

Okay this weekend, I promised myself I would clean the disaster which is my office. My office is the place where things go when someone is coming over and I don't know where to put something - so I stick in the corner or on my desk. Well over time there became no more room to put anything. So this was the weekend it would be cleaned. (And I am sure that despite my best efforts that this saga will continue - but here's hoping that I can keep it clean a little longer.)

This isn't the start - I didn't think about taking a photo before the cleaning process began. But this is me taking everything off the desk and using my floor as a place to sort.

There is lots of work to be done.

Desk is still not clean.

No this isn't the same picture from before this is about an hour later - after I decided in order to really clean the room, I needed to clean out my filing cabinet. If you notice stuff has been moved around.

...and then I move it back onto the desk - no wonder this takes such a freaking long time.

Visible Progress

Oh wait -there's where it all went.

But I am moving a long.

I see carpet.
And success.
See I am relaxed enough to drink tea.
Look at that carpet.

Oh wait - as it turns out I am not finished - I just moved the junk to the another spot. Looks like I should get started.

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