Saturday, November 08, 2008

Catching up with ANTM

A week or two Olive left a comment that clearly related to ANTM - but I wasn't with her because well I hadn't had a chance to watch. Well now that has all changed. I am now all caught up on ANTM. Right now we have four "models" left and they are in Amsterdam. The four who are left are McKey (who had to change her name from something else because there were too many of them - but I am not sure where this one came from,) then Samatha (who's major criticism is that she is too catalog, then there's Annaleigh (my favorite) and finally Marjorie (who Olive made a comment about beind sick of her and I could not agree more.)

Let me digress on Majorie, she is a mouse like model who takes great pictures but has the personality of a frozen pea. She is so shy and helpless - it's to the point that it is annoying. Look I understand being intimidated - we have all be there - but every moment this girl is acting a like a deer in headlights. To me she litterally looks like she is ready for anyone and anybody to haul off and hit her. This girl needs some quality counseling. And if Tyra isn't prepared to sit her down and do some confidence building with her - then it's time for the judges to VOTE HER OFF. This girl is going to crumble and frankly it is not that entertaining to watch.

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Anonymous said...

don't get me started. i don't even BUY the weakness/meekness thing. she would not last 10 minutes in my presence. she's completely intolerable.