Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Moodle Maverick

So this election day - instead of having school we had professional development (PD). They decided that since so many of the local schools are polling places that they would close school that day (safety first.) So instead of doing our PD day at the end of the month like usual we did it at the beginning.

Well in the spirit of the election - I wanted to have well some fun. Really if you think about it that is the democratic thing to do. I wasn't attending the PD this year - I was actually one of the people in charge of presenting a session. I was doing Moodle - which is an online tool for instruction delivery. Basically it's an online classroom. Well I decided on this election day - since I can do the Sarah Palin voice (yes if Tina Fay needed a voice double, I could have stepped up to the plate - thanks to my frequent visits to the north (Michigan's Upper Pennisula) where well they have a wonderful cadance to their voice that I love listening too and have been practicing for years.

So I showed up in the morning with my glasses on and my best updo - with attention to creating fake bangs - as the Moodle Maverick. Please note however that my badge was pined on with my Obama '08 pin. The only thing was that I don't own a red blazer because well that would have made the outfit a little more convincing.

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