Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No Sleep - Sleep.....

Well I must say last weekend I was bracing for a weekend of ZERO sleep. My students had signed up to do the Insomnia film festival. It's a film festival that runs 24 hours 9 am - 9 am. The goal is to produce and edit a short film in 24 hours. However, it was postponed due to problems with Apple's website. At first I was really disappointed - because my team was PSYCHED - and I was wondering if they would still be as PSYCHED - a month later. But as it turns out they were pretty matter of fact about it - you can read their blog post. If you left them a comment - they would be thrilled - because they are pretty much convinced that I am the only one that reads it. I tell them otherwise - but none the less the don't believe me.

Instead Bruce and I used gift certificates to buy ROCK BAND 2. And our band "the next tuesdays" is back on World Tour. And let me say we are pretty freaking awesome. I think the best thing about the new game is well "Eye of the Tiger" is on it along with several Bon Jovi songs.

Other than that life has been busy with school. I am frustrated because I had a Volleyball accident the week after the marathon - when I was ummmm tackled by a teammate. Since that time I have not been able to run - I did something to my right ankle and it's driving me nuts. I want so badly to run - but then there is this throbbing pain that gets in the way. I actually bought a swimming suit and went swimming the other night - I am planning to go again tonight but I have to wait for open swim at 6:30 pm. I forgot how tiresome swimming can be - and well I miss my ipod - I think running is more my speed.

Also my cousin Babe made it into another commercial with her dog Teddy. When I was little she was featured in the Lands End catalog - now she is in a commercial for the Michigan Tech Credit Union. I am posting it here to spread her fame. Also many might see where my years of training to perfect the Palin accent come from.

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