Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So it's down to the final three and I must say this time they have it wrong with the final two. Samantha and McKey. Blah - I am not a hug fan of either of them. Apparently I need to be the guest judge. Because if I was - Marjorie would have been gone a long long time ago. And of course the soft spoken ice skater Annaleigh was booted.

Now I am begrudgingly watching the second half. And I am not sure who I am pulling for. The crazy-eyed boxer or the airhead Sam. Again just my personal opinions. So now I am watching Tyra call herself their "black mama." And again, I am questioning her judgment. Now I am listening to McKey talk and all of the sudden she has this strange British type accent. I am wondering was this boxer hit in the head one too many times that she has this wierd accent.

Now it's judgement time. And Trya looks like she is right out of Star Trek - did Scottie beam her down from the Enterprise. Does she not have friends that tell her - no? Really I can't take her seriously. So I must say now I am rooting for the air head - I think that McKey is just crazy. And of course they go for crazy - obviously considering Tyra's outfit today.

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Anonymous said...

annaleigh was the nicest, but mckey was the only one who actually looked something like a model. although i've never seen any of these past winner gals in anything but those cover girl ads.