Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Two Thumbs Up for Spamalot!!

Last night Bruce and I went to see Spamalot and it was great. It was laugh out loud funny. THis is a good thing because to be honest I have never been able to sit through an entire Monty Python movie - despite how funny people tell me that that are - it just doesn't do anything for me.

We also went to the British Museum, Portobello Road and the College of London (that is where Bruce went to school when he studied here in 1998.)

We are having fun, but are a little exhausted still from our 15 mile run or could it be the 15 month graduate course. Who knows? Today it's more exploring and possibly another play.
An amazing rainbow over Trafalgar Square.
Bruce outside College Hall (a dorm) where he stayed while studying
at the University of London.

That's me holding up a pillar at the British Museum.
That's me decoding the Rosetta Stone.
It took me about 5 seconds (because that is all the time I could stand being smashed by hundred's of tourists.
Bruce and I on the hip Portobello Road.
More Portobello Road shots - on the weekend the street is filled with vendors.
On Monday it's pretty empty.

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taawd said...

come back to america, the u.s. misses you two... and maybe i do as well.

bruce really cleans up but now we have to work on that elusive smile!