Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fish, Chips & 15 Miles

This morning we woke up in London and went running. Training for the marathon has been unique because we have been in Europe for a month of long runs and everyone weekend we have been in a different city. So the first weekend we ran 12 miles in Paris, then 8 miles in Nice, France, then 10 miles in Geneva, Switzerland and today we ran 15 miles in London. 

Bruce and I have been pretty good on sticking to our running schedule. I think last week was the only week that we decided to skip long day (six miles) and replace it with two smaller 3 milers. 

Today's run was through Trafalgar Square, by Westminster Abbey, by Buckingham Palace into Green Park around the park, then into Hyde Park and around the entire park and back to St. James Park. We ended up running around St. James park a couple times, but in the end it was a good, but thoroughly exhausting run. As I told Bruce, we crammed 8 hours of walking into 2.5 hours. 

Then we took a nap - because again we were exhausted. But when we woke up we headed out to walk around. We were famished so we enjoyed the British tradition of Fish & Chips. We bought tickets for Spam-a-lot tomorrow evening. We bought it from a half-priced booth, however we aren't certain we got the best price, but oh well. I think Tuesday night we will head to one of the smaller theaters in our neighborhood - which is advertising a funny play about teachers - which couldn't be more fitting.

We are now back in the hotel - we may go out again, but who knows we may call it a night. I will give a full review of our theatre experience right here later this week.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you made it there! Miss you guys already! Have a great time and see you when you get home...KC aka Carl:)

Robert Smith said...

I can't wait to see you again

~Lori said...

i just watched the 7:11 photo montage. i loved it! see you in a couple weeks....and then you can sell your house and move to ohio.