Monday, August 25, 2008

Identical Cousins

If you haven't heard the Patty Duke Show intro than you don't know what you are missing (I have posted it below.) However this is the story of me and my cousin Kellie. Kellie is younger than me (pictured on the right) but we have been told that we look a lot a like.

It happened three times this weekend. The first time was when my dad turned to Kellie and told her where her mother (his wife was) yes he thought he was talking to me. Then we sat down at a table and someone asked us if we were identical twins. Then when we said we were just cousins the people at the opposite end of the table said - NO, you have to be sisters. And we politely said no - we are just cousins, identical cousins - then I proceeded to sing the Patty Duke song and everyone looks at me very very strangely - including Kellie. I am not sure if she is as amused with it as I am - but hey what can I say.

I thought it would be funny if I created a merged picture of us both - but funny turned into creepy - but I figured if I posted it maybe Uncle Jack (the lurker aka Kellie's father) would make a comment. So here goes nothing.


Anonymous said...

My thighs hurt! Now my eyes hurt! I only train for the party!!!

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I think we look better as individuals (and I am always amused by the Patty Duke reference).