Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Set Your TiVo....
ANTM Returns September 19th

Well September has always been a big month for me. First and foremost it's my birthday month (KC, Meghan & Todd, you guys know what I am talking about), and when I say month I mean month (right Todd?) Second it is the start of the school year, third it is Bruce & my 3rd wedding anniversary... And last but not least it's the return of good television. Yes, when I say good, I mean everyone's favorite America's Next Top Model. And all the rest of the fall television line-up. But back to ANTM, this season is Cycle 9 and I can't wait... I can already feel the plot lines. The drama is ready to spew over the airways of the new CW. I can only imagine what Tyra has in store for us this year.

Here are a few of the other shows I will be tuning in to this fall. (Correction: My TiVo will be diligently recording for me this fall.)

8pm - Desperate Housewives - I got back into this show last season, hopefully it continues to keep my attention. (September 30)
9pm - Brothers & Sisters - I kind of fell of this show as the end of the season approached, but I am hoping Calista & the gang can make a strong come back. (September 30)

9pm Heroes - This sci-fi action packed show has me hooked. I have to be honest, I am usually not into these type of shows, but this one is excellent. However, I have to be in the right mood because it is pretty intense, so I often watch it when I have time to pay attention. (New Shows Start September 24)

8pm - Beauty & the Geek returns to the New CW. Reality television at its finest. (September 18)

8pm -America's Next Top Model - Need I say more! (September 19)

9pm - Grey's Anatomy - You can't get enough of McSteamy & McDreamy. (September 27)

And then there are all the MTV & Bravo favorites: The Hills (MTV) and Kathy Griffin's My Life on the D-List (Bravo.) Project Runway doesn't return with its fourth season until November 14. Will Tim Gunn return? He currently has a new show with supermodel Veronica Webb. I have meet Veronica Webb once in person, during that meeting she talked about herself in the third person. I wasn't as impressed with her as she was with herself. Despite my love for Tim Gunn I am not sure its enough to "make it work" for me.

It looks like I will have my weekends free.

What new shows will I add, well none have really tickled my fancy. To be honest since I have been home I haven't really been paying attention to what's ntew I am trying catch up on what I missed, while enjoyng my new found passion - Sudoku. Oh yes, I am addicted to this number crossword puzzle. I have found myself going to bed early so I can complete these puzzles in bed. Yes, I am that lame, but really are you shocked?


Megan said...

This was a good entry because it reminded me of all the stuff I have to remind my brother to record for me. Also, I finally have my mac book pro. It's love! I'll download skype asap. I'm going to try and write in my blog more so there's a heads up.

I really should have just e-mailed you. Hope all is well.

Robert Smith said...

I think that is my goal this year, to watch more TV. I feel so lost no knowing what everyone is talking about.

Beach Bum said...

Have you seen the news series on Fox with the "wife" from Everybody Loves Raymond..Patricia Heaton (?) or something like that and Fraiser (not really Fraiser, but a new character. I think it starts next week. They are couple of newscasters....I like both of them (her moreso than him) but I always enjoy a good comedy and this might just be it! Normally, I just watch reruns.....and READ! But it is nice to join the rest of the world and watch a little TV! :)