Saturday, August 25, 2007

7:11 Reunites For Bobby Crim

This weekend the 7:11 club came together again for the another run. The Ohio delegate
s braved the storms of the mid-west to drive to Michigan and run. Now that is dedication. Of course as always the weekend was jam packed with activities. On Friday night we went to KC's apartment in Grand Blanc to carbo-load for the big run on Saturday.

The drive from Lapeer was well very exciting. The rain was coming down in sheets. We listened to the radio which by the way did not really warn us appropriately that that same storm was causing a tornado just miles in Fenton. I think Bruce enjoyed the drive in jeep. I however was
white knuckling the Oh Sh*t bar in the front seat.

We all had a delicious dinner prepared by KC. Everyone got their official Crim Packet and 7
:11 club t-shirt, especially made for the run, we also called the Florida delegate to tell her that she was missed and remind her to buy her plane ticket for the next event, before they get too expensive.

Then we headed back to the
Holladay Inn... Yes the Smith family Robear, wife and children came to Attica where they spent the evening with us. By the time we got their the two little ones were wiped out. However, Bruce, Robear and I managed to stay up for a little while and reminisce about good ole' Geneva!

We woke up early for the race, mainly because Robear needed his Tim Horton's coffee fix. Yes the man will drive 20 miles out of his way for a cup of Tim's java and Timbits. Thank God we only had to drive to Lapeer, which happens to be on the way.
We got to Flint and the weather was a little rainy, but not too hot so I didn't mind that.

We started
the 8K race in the pack but quickly went our own pace. Our motto "we'll wait for you" yes we may leave you behind, but we will wait for you at the finish. Well on this run, they all had to wait for me. I came in 20th in my age group 25-29 with a time of 50:38, just over 10 minute miles. Not great but not bad, considering this is the second time I have run 5 miles since breaking my foot in July of '05. Bruce took the lead for the club with a time of 45:25... You can go here for all the results.

I guess I could have pushed myself a little more because I had plenty of energy to dance at the party. But in away you could have called that my strategy. Unfortunately the only one who wanted to dance with me was the four year-old. I think that is just because they can't handle my moves. Yes I am killer at the robot. Those of you who have seen know what I am talking about. It was a grand time even in the rain.

I could have stayed longer but KC had a wedding and the out-of-towners needed to hit the road and I don't blame them. Because when I got home to Lapeer County I was exhausted, but that was quickly cured by a 4 hour nap. Yes, the joys of my life.

However if you are a runner, let me tell you how much I love the Bobby Crim race. It's a great time. I have always had fun and I have been going as long as I can remember. But if you go, make sure you stay for the party! Nothing is better than a bunch of sweaty runners cutting loose on the dance floor. Just watch out for my robot.

The next run - well we are thinking about the Detroit Marathon Relay in October. However we would need a couple more people to make up two teams... who's with us? I am serious.


Beach Bum said...

I enjoyed meeting all of Robear's new Switzerland friends! You are all a lot of fun to be around! Thanks for being so hospitable! The girls enjoyed the trip as well! Jennie, you are very entertaining: robot and all! Zoe loved dancing with you! :) The 7-11 is always welcome here! Come on down! Maybe the next time you're in Tiffin!?!?!? Tee hee!

Beach Bum said...

Robert informed me that I misspelled your name so I fixed it! :)

JH said...

You guys are welcome anytime! We had tons of fun too.