Monday, August 13, 2007

The Cohort Departs

Well I have written about our rough departure from the Geneva airport, but I haven't written about our last days with the UM Global Cohort (in Geneva we called it program, because they word cohort is interpreted as an invading force.) We wrapped up our program with a busy week of classes, buying last minute souvenirs and of course running with the club. (ok, we might have had a little fun too.)

As far as the learning goes we were given time to develop our websites with our groups. Bruce and I are working together with Tony & Angi on a website called FlikNews. The goal of our site is to develop a cross between a journalism and a social networking site, a site that gives students an outlet to share their journalism and an outlet to get direct feedback from around the world. We are working with the International Baccalaureate Organization, which can help us link up with schools all across the world. We want to integrate video, audio and photojournalism. Right now we are in the middle of developing everything for the site coding, design and content. We will work on the site throughout the rest of our graduate program.

Ok now that the learning is out of the way, we did have a lot of fun especially the running group. I was going to write all about the group in this entry, but after looking at the pictures, I have decided that it the group needs its on blog entry. The picture is a sneak peak above.

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