Thursday, August 02, 2007

Celebrating Swiss Day

Yesterday was Swiss Day. The day they celebrate their independence. The running folks headed downtown for the late night festivities. (Needless to say we canceled r
unning for Thursday morning before we left for downtown.) But it turns out on holidays the bus schedule is lighter, which means of course we missed the last bus home. So after a night of fun, lead to a long walk home. Yes we could have stopped at the train station and hailed a cab, but now becuase we are the running club we ended up hoofing it back to the John Knox Center.

The big events at the Swiss Carnival besides the long walk home where the spontaneous parade that we ran into on our way down.
And of course the huge carnival ride that the rest of the group besides Joachim and I went on. It went straight up and spun around. I opted out. Go figure.

Needless to say today was a rough morning - as we all made our way to the classroom. It's 10:30 pm and we are finishing up on our video projects and our assignments. It was a cold wet day today, so it wasn't bad to be in the classroom. However, I have one last assignment to do, but I am tired and the TiVo Changed My Life blog is calling.

On another note, I am not taking the train to Heidelberg after buying my ticket today. I am still going to Heidelberg, but the train ticket was 323 chf (swiss francs) that's about $270. And that was a cash, which meant the rest of the group didn't want to come, which was fine, but I really wanted Bruce to come. Then we found out we could rent a van, so I was able to return my ticket with only an 18 chf penalty and we are heading tomorrow on the Autobahn. Now where will park a 9 passenger van when we get there, that I do not know. But I think it will be fun. I will spend most of my time with my host family, but I am sure we will all meet up for dinner and such. And we all the very long and what I can only imagine will be an interesting trip. I really have to thank Marc the director here at the Jon Knox Centre. He drove me to the train station, not once but twice today. He also spared me from struggling through trying to speak French and get a cheaper train ticket, then returning my train ticket!

Well now it's time that I need to finish my homework. I am really excited about seeing my host family tomorrow. They are such wonderful people.

In the meantime if you haven't yet, get skype - NOW! Just search my name and let the fun begin!

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