Monday, June 23, 2008

Well I will keep this short because I am blogging for the school - so I have already wrote about our day in Kansas City. (You can read more here.) But I do feel that I need to explain this photo. Bruce and I were hurriedly packing this morning - trying to get out the door to make our seperate flights from Flint and Metro respectively. I left the house and turned onto the main road and noticed something was not right. Well I was correct - I got out of my car to see that I had a very very flat tire. I drove slowly and carefully back home - had Bruce put on the spare and drove much slower to work than normal.

The good thing is that was the most eventful part of my trip - so far. I am very excited to be back in Kansas City. My students are excited too. More to come.


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Is this what they mean by "pimp my ride" in Atticia?