Friday, June 20, 2008

Kansas City Here We Come!!!

So I am doing laundry tonight - what can I say I am out of control on Friday nights - none-the-less it's a chore that needs to be done. Bruce and I leave on Monday to head for the city of Fountains aka Kansas City, Missouri. Now we leave at different times from different airports because we are going with our SkillsUSA clubs from each of our schools. However the good news, we are saving our schools money by sharing a room - which as a married couple will be nice.

I am excited as always to head back to KC. Mainly because well I love to eat and Kansas City has great food. Plus it is fun for me to relive my days in KC. Places I will have to hit: Saigon 39 - it's an awesome Vietnamese Restaurant on 39th st, that has killer spring rolls with peanut sauce yum. Then there is Gate's BBQ - they literally yell - "Hi, may I help you" the minute you walk in the door - which you immediately yell back (if you are me) "ham on bun on bread side of bb" - as long as you do that you will be happy. I am also a sucker for the Cheesecake Factory - I know what you are thinking that's a chain, yes but a chain that they do not have in Michigan. Another chain we will hit is Sonic!! Now there is one in Michigan now, but it just arrived in Southgate and I hear there is always a wait and Southgate is a long way to drive from Attica (as I think of it Kansas City maybe closer) - at Sonic in KC I am sure there will be no wait. There is also Murray's Ice Cream and Cookies in Westport that make the best homemade ice cream. Yum. If I have a chance this year I will hit the Grand Cafe' for lunch (while the kids are competing) it's a little price but they have Bree Fondue as an appetizer and it is freaking delicious. So those are my favorites and that means regardless if anyone else wants to go - we will go. Why? Well I have this edge - called I know where I am going and everyone follows me.

In other news, our house sitter came over tonight to learn the ropes - she is going to house sit for us while we are in Europe. She is a great girl - one of Bruce's former students, but I had to give her the smoking lecture. One moment as I stand on soapbox - I can't believe all the kids starting to smoke. I have tons of my students who do it too. I mean really I know this makes me sound old - I can't believe all the kids smoking these days - but really what is the attraction. There are volumes of research about it's negative effects, it is super addictive, it is super expensive, it can lead to things like yellow teeth and wrinkles and you smell bad, but they do it and don't care. I know at that age you think you are invincible, but I just don't get why they start in the first place. I give them the lecture and I am sure it doesn't help but I just want to shake them and say - STOP IT!!!! Ok, I am back off the soapbox.

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