Saturday, June 21, 2008

A New Love Affair

Well this affair has been "brewing" for about a year. It started in Europe with my friend Robert - his love for it spilled over to me. Once I got back from Europe - I too fell in love. It has been hard for Bruce - but I think in the end he has accepted the love affair. I am in love with Tim - Tim Hortons. Yes the Canadian Coffee joint has one me over and at $1.40 for a cup of medium coffee - it has become an addiction.
Now I was huge Starbucks girl - but we didn't get our Starbucks here until earlier this year. But in the end it seems like the time I spent alone with Tim has rubbed off, because being that they are located right across the street from each other. I have a chance to choose and these days it's always Tim. What does this say about me? I think maybe it's because I am always going somewhere and Tim is quick and cheap. If I was in the "hang out" mode - I would prefer Starbucks - however they need free wi-fi. Maybe that is what they need to draw me back - free wifi.

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