Friday, June 13, 2008

Wow High School is Cool?

That is what both Sophie and Max said yesterday when visiting Bruce's school. My mom, sister and the kids headed to Lapeer county for a visit yesterday. It was Bruce's last day of school, I took a personal day. So I thought it might be fun to visit Bruce. I didn't tell them why - which lead to my mom constantly asking is this a good idea to take these two to a computer lab. But when they got there - it was cute because they both were very excited to see Uncle Bruce. And then we headed back to the Ag Science room - where Mrs. Ball gladly let us go back into the barn and help her feed the animals. The kids got to see goats, sheep, pigs and a cow - you knwo ever exciting stuff for these city slickers from Chicago. It was cute because they were feeding the sheep from there hands and kept saying things like - "look mom, we're farmers." "Farming is fun." And there was more, but Bruce and I can't remember them all.

Then we headed to the Lapeer Recreation Center which has a very pool - especially if you are 3 or 4 years old. The pool has a small water slide, big water slide and a whirlpool (not one that is warm, but one that has a circular current (and after some coaxing to get the kids in it, they really liked it.) There are some other splash toys, but in the big hit was the water slide. It was cute because they didn't want to go on it, until Aunt Jennie and Grandma showed them how it was done and then suddenly it was the coolest thing ever. We went on it over and over and over again. Then there was turmoil because everyone wanted to go with Aunt Jennie (what can I say, I'm a hot commodity.) Sophie said to Krista when she asked her why she didn't want to go with her, "Mom you are only my favorite in Chicago." However trust me a little more time with Aunt Jennie and mom returns to being number one.

Then we came home and played Rock Band on the Playstation. We didn't do very well - our high score was making it 25% the way through one song. Hey what can I say we like to march to the beat of a different drum and guitar. Then we played Sonic the Hedgehog. The most impressive thing is when Sonic goes up to these people in the game and you have to read what they are saying and my super smart 4 year-old niece was reading it faster than most of us. She is one smart cookie (good genes.) I looked to Bruce and said it will be disappointing when we have kids and they are not nearly this smart.

Then we headed out to the Chilly Cow in Attica for Ice Cream. Max and Sophie got chocolate ice cream with sprinkles, however half way through Max decided that sharing with me was more fun because our ice creams "taste better together." After the ice cream they headed back to Manchester to check in on Grandpa, because I am sure he missed all their energy. I am also pretty sure that Sophie and Max probably had a nap on the way home. Overall, we had a great time. I always love having them over to hang out with me.

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Fred said...

I probably would have had a nap on the way home, too.