Monday, June 02, 2008


So tonight the 7:11 club had a very important conference call - what are we going to do when we are in Europe on the weekends. We found cheap tickets to the Mediterranean Island of Ibiza. And it looks like in lieu of any other ideas/prices from the group we are headed there. However, Bruce is standing next to me voting for Newfoundland - I think that was Robert's idea. Karyn and Meghan are still pushing Italy, so we will see what they come back with tomorrow for plans. Tony is pretty much up for anything and well Joachim - well he's MIA on Skype (Lori can you provide any help in that department,) but I am sure he will be on board.

Why am I posting this now with no firm plans? Well I am looking to see if anyone knows anything about this place. It looks nice on the Internet - somewhere the 7:11 club would really fit in - but you know if you have been there or knows someone who has - that would be super helpful. As for now, I am off to bed.


Anonymous said...

wham! taped the "club tropicana" video on ibiza (make sure you say the 'z' as a 'th' in order to pass as a true eurotrash partier :-)) i suggest youtubing it. but then i suggest youtubing it even if you have no interest in ibiza.

Fred said...

When I lived in the U.K, the hot party place to go was Ibiza. That's all I know about it.

~Lori said...

Joe said he'll call you tomorrow. (thursday)
He also said "Ibiza? haha. we're not 'that' age".
By "that" age, he said he meant 19.

He hasn't skyped in a while--obviously.

How about Rome?

Anonymous said...

Did I ever mention how much my life blows in comparison? . . . No, I'm not sitting here debating which random, exotic island to visit on my jaunt to Europe . . . I'm actually google-mapping my way to Southgate! Christ.

Miss you - us gals need to get together soon - before the European jaunt.