Thursday, June 05, 2008

I hear it's nice in Nice....

So great deals go quickly as they come on the world of online travel booking. And it turns out that the great deal to Ibiza vanished less than 24 hours after appearing into my life. And due to the face that there are seven of us in our 7:11 running club, making a decision is often difficult so we had to say No to Ibiza. But with that came a new adventure, we are now scheduled for a weekend in the French Rivera in Nice (pronouned: Neese.)

We are flying Baboo airlines. Yes that is right I said Baboo. It's a Swiss carrier that has lots of cheapish flights out of Geneva. There was a lot of debate about renting a van and making the drive. But we decided to keep the van for the next weekend.

So now I am excited about a couple days on the French Rivera - not so excited about all the topless beaches - but I am sure the boys will enjoy that. I am nearly a month out from my trip to Europe. Wow!!

I can't believe how fast this school year has gone. I have just 3 days left with my students. It is crazy. Graduations have come and gone. I miss my seniors, but I think this is something that will happen every year. They are great kids and they will do well and as much as I miss them, I am really excited about what's next for them. I am sure they all have great things ahead of them.

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JMH said...

Glad to know I am not the only one who still has to go to school next week!

I am extremely jealous of all of the fun you and Bruce get to have in Europe. Make sure to post lots of pictures so we can live vicariously through you. (Ocean City, while I hear it is nice, will not compare to the French Riviera for a getaway!!)